A synthetic Strizo floor, because you want to be on solid ground!

The inventor of stone carpet!

Strizo is a well-known brand in the field of synthetic floor applications. The Strizo Synthetics company, inventor of the stone carpet, has served the national and international markets from its Tilburg-based business premises since 1969.

In addition to offering decorative gravel floor systems, Strizo Synthetics supplies a range of alternative synthetic floor and wall systems under the Strizo brand for a broad target group that ranges from the food, chemical and graphics industries to metalwork industries, hotels and restaurants, the automotive sector, the health care sector and private consumers. Thanks to its extensive product portfolio and its own production department and laboratory, Strizo Synthetics is able to provide every client with a tailor-made product and full advisory services up to the production, after-care and - if applicable - certification stages.

Quality and reliability

The Strizo systems are developed and tested extensively in our own laboratory, which is also used for testing the raw materials and semi-manufactures used in the process. New systems undergo a full trial procedure before being taken into operation. This enables us to guarantee the quality of our materials vis-vis clients, end users and processing industries alike. Strizo Synthetics designs its products in anticipation of European health & safety and environmental regulations.